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Wednesday nights September 2-October 21, 2020

6:30-8:00 p.m.

Drop off and pickup in the sanctuary. Parents please come inside to sign your kiddos in and out.

Uncovering the Tools to Study God's Word

The Bible should be more than stories that kids hear about once a week. We want kids to fall in love with the Bible, study it, and allow it to impact their lives. This series will give your kids an understanding of WHY they should study the Bible along with the HOW of putting it into practice. In Bible Detective 8-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum, kids will understand why studying the Bible is important, and be given the tools to do it.

Always on the case

September 2, 2020

Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:1-9, Love the Lord

God's word is not supposed to be something we just learn about at church once a week. It is meant to be a part of our everyday lives: something we study, something we talk about with others, something that we think about and try to live out every day.

Objective: Kids will learn that God's word should be a part of everyday life.

Looking for Clues

september 9, 2020

Scripture: Proverbs 4:1-7, Get Wisdom & Matthew 7:7-12, Ask, Seek, Knock


Sometimes when we read the Bible, we have questions. Did that really happen? Why did that person do that? What does that verse mean? We should not be afraid of questions. Asking questions – to God, to teachers, to parents, and to ourselves – will help us grow in our knowledge of the Bible.


Objective: Kids will learn that studying the Bible is about asking questions and seeking answers.

Follow My Lead

September 16, 2020

Scripture: 1 Samuel 3:1-10, The Lord Speaks to Samuel

Samuel was one of the great prophets of God, sharing the words of God with others. But when he was young, he relied on the priest Eli to teach him and help him learn to understand God's word and his voice. We can reach out to wise men and women and ask for their help in understanding the Bible. 

Objective: Kids will learn that others can help us understand God's word better.

On Your Own

September 23, 2020

Scripture: Luke 5:12-16, Jesus Heals & Luke 6:12-16, Jesus Chooses the Twelve

Even with all of the preaching that Jesus did and the miracles that he performed, Jesus always made time to get away from the crowds and spend time with God. In studying the Bible, it is important that we carve out quiet time to be with God and let him speak to us.    

Objective: Kids will learn that it's important to make time to be alone with God.

Eyewitness Story

September 30, 2020

Scripture: Psalm 119:9-16, Loving God's Word & John 14:26, The Holy Spirit

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will remind us of everything that Jesus said. But how can the Holy Spirit remind us of what we don't know? We memorize God's word – hiding it in our hearts – to help us understand the Bible. The Holy Spirit can then bring these verses to our minds in times of trouble.   

Objective: Kids will learn that memorizing God's word is one part of studying the Bible.

observe and report

October 7, 2020

Scripture: Psalm 19:7:14, The Law of the Lord

For those who are able to write, one solid method for studying the Bible is to “Observe, Interpret, Apply.” When you read a passage of the Bible, write down what you observe. Now, write down what you think it means, what God is trying to say. Finally, write down how you can apply it to your life. 

Objective: Kids will learn that we should try to apply God's word to our lives.

a fine mess you've gotten into

October 14, 2020

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:14-17, Using Scripture

The Bible is special. It is God's word. But that doesn't mean we should keep it on the shelf, looking new. The Bible is meant to be opened and studied. We can use a highlighter to mark up passages that mean something special to us. We can write in the margins things that God is saying to us. When it comes to using your Bible, it's okay to make a mess.

Objective: Kids will learn that the Bible is to be read, and studied and used. 


October 21, 2020

Scripture: John 1:1-18, The Word

The more we learn God's word, the more we see that there is so much to learn. As we study, we find that there are always new things to see and deeper places that we can go. We are detectives, working to uncover the deeper meanings. As we study God's word, we learn that it all leads us to Jesus, the Living Word of God.   

Objective: Kids will learn that Jesus is the living Word of God.

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